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Subject: Re: CryoNet #16238 Cryonics Society of Canada Elections
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> Message #16238
> Date: Wed, 9 May 2001 07:14:45 -0400 (EDT)
> From: Ben Best <>
> Subject: Cryonics Society of Canada e-mail elections
>      The Cryonics Society of Canada (CSC) has recently
> concluded its first Annual General Meeting ever held
> by e-mail. CSC Bylaws require that members elect
> Directors and that the Officers be elected from
> among the Directors by the Directors. The following
> Directors/Officers were elected:
>                President -- Guy Desrosiers
>           Vice-President -- Gary Tripp
>      Secretary/Treasurer -- Ben Best
>     Guy Desrosiers lives in Alberta. Both the e-mail AGM
> and the election of Guy as President represent significant
> moves for the CSC becoming a truly Canadian organization
> rather than one centered on Toronto, Ontario.
>                   -- Ben Best, Director
>                      Cryonics Society of Canada
>                      http://www.benbest.com/cryocdn.html

This is written by Paul Wakfer with the concurrence of Kitty.

We wish to state that the election of Guy Desrosier was in complete
opposition to our views for reasons demonstrated by his quotes below. We
both resigned in protest over this impending event, and the lack of the
other directors being able to understand why this move was not in their
best interests or the best interests of cryonics in Canada. 

Kitty was a CSC director. I was past President, but now repudiate the
organization. Guy Desrosier's views and priorities not only don't
represent those of all cryonicists in Canada, but they are antithetical
to some.

Here are some of the things which Guy said in emails after Kitty
pointedly queried him about his views of cryonics. Both the other
directors (Ben Best and Gary Tripp - I was no longer a director), with
one small exception from Gary, only cared about his academic, social,
political, and media "abilities".

"I would see life-extension to be separate from the subject of

"I do not see cryonics as a subset of life extension."

"As I have told people: in 25 words or less, cryonics doesn't make

"Give me five minutes and I will change the world."

"I have never suggested that the possibility of life after cryonics is
better than non-zero."

"That that is, is."

"The only risk in cryonics is financial and money is a renewable
resource. In fact, I don't see where money even enters into the
equation. If someone thinks that they can "buy" their way out of death,
cryonics is the wrong place to go."

"Why do people donate their bodies to science? Because they perceive
that their sacrifice will do some good. Cryonics is an experiment that
may achieve positive results for research in general. 

>>>If we get away from a perception that cryonics is a means to save self, and 
explain that
cryonics is a technology that requires volunteers to participate, people
will be more
receptive.>>> [emphasis added]
As I mentioned earlier, I'm under no illusion that cryonics will benefit
me. I'm far more excited by the possibilities that cryonics presents for
science, philosophy, and the attack on the perceived absolute of death."

"I have stated that I believe that cryonics is a wonderful experiment
that may lead to many unexpected positive results. I have also stated
that I have decided to participate in cryonics even though I doubt that
I will receive a viable suspension."

"It is imperative that we communicate the benefits of cryonics at large
and that we demonstrate that cryonics is not just a selfish attempt to
cheat death."

"As well, the suggestion that cryonics should be promoted and founded on
the selfish act of attempting to save one's own life is folly."

"We have the ability to put a positive spin on cryonics. We must do it."

The complete email dialogue is available to those interested.

-- Paul --

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