X-Message-Number: 16259
Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 09:36:16 -0400
From: fair4us <>
Subject: Wakfer vs. Desrosier

In Cryonet #16256, Paul Wakfer quoted a number of excerpts from private 
email of Mr. Desrosier, which were somehow supposed at face value to 
illustrate deficiencies in Mr. Desrosier.  This does not, however, seem to 
work.  Many of the statements seem perfectly reasonable as the thoughts of 
a cryonicist, and it is not a stretch to figure how others also would, 
within the proper context.

And what of the ethical issue of posting private email to a public forum, 
or was Mr. Desrosier's permission first obtained?  Nevertheless, any damage 
(if any) is done, and it might be clarifying if Mr. Wakfer would choose to 
write his own version corresponding to each of the quoted email excerpts, 
so that the objective reader can decide for her/himself which person has 
the more sensible point of view.

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