X-Message-Number: 16269
From: "john grigg" <>
Subject: Re: Brent's letter to the LDS church
Date: Sat, 12 May 2001 22:34:49 

Hello cryonet readers,

This is my extro list reply to Brent in regards to his post.  I also sent 
him a very detailed personal email to give my ideas for editing the letter.

best wishes,


I want to give my best wishes to Brent Allsop as he endeavors to reach out 
to the LDS church leadership to learn what he can expect from them in 
regards to cryonics.

I would like to thank Anders for the excellent advice he gave on how to 
improve the letter.  It is very important to avoid confusion and offense.

I expect the church to reject the idea of being listed as a contactee in any 
cryonics contract.  But, a definitive reply from the church's senior 
hierarchy which does not outright condemn cryonics could help mormon 
cryonicists(like me) a great deal.

I realize church leaders may see cryonics as a sign of weak faith.  I see it 
as the ultimate in life extension and not a sure doorway to absolute 
immortality.  I definitely look forward to learning the reaction Brent gets.

best wishes,

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