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Date: Sat, 12 May 2001 18:10:04 -0700
From: Max More <>
Subject: EXTRO-5: Shaping Things to Come, June 15-17, 2001

Dear Cryonet readers: Part of the Extro-5 conference will focus on 
overcoming opposition to life extension and cryonic suspension. Please the 
link at the bottom for the conference web site where you can find all the 


Max More


E X T R O - 5 Conference: Shaping Things to Come
San Jose, California, June 15-17, 2001

We cannot ignore the growing confusion, concern, and opposition to the 
technologies that can improve and transform the human condition.

Strident voices and legislation threaten to hold back progress in biotech, 
information technology, the spread of open markets, and the development of 
technologies that could cure age-old ailments, extend our lives and augment 
our capabilities.

The Extro-5 international conference assembles big thinkers from numerous 
fields to provoke our culture to think more carefully about the more 
plausible perils of progress and to shape the future for the better.

Extro-5 will respond to influential figures who oppose the development of 
powerful new technologies. Bill Joy has called for limits on free speech to 
stop the spread of certain technologies. He is joined by various 
"ethicists" and even Prince Charles in calling for a moratorium on genetic 
technologies. Others oppose technologies such as stem cell research that 
could cure disease and extend life spans.

At Extro-5, a unique convergence of experts will separate the real concerns 
from those rooted in lack of knowledge or unexamined or outdated 
assumptions. Each session will bring together several high powered thinkers 
to examine the impact of advanced and accelerating technology, to look at 
opportunities and to anticipate and proactively address potential problems. 
These big thinkers and achievers will address issues around four major themes:
-- Overcoming Resistance to Superlongevity and Augmentation. -- Machine 
Super-Intelligence -- Threat or Opportunity?
-- Thriving in the Information Economy
-- Mastering the Information Explosion

Each issue will be explored from multiple disciplines while allowing ample 
time for interaction between audience and presenters. The Extro-5 
conference goes beyond voicing the views of the top experts. It also 
provides an unmatched networking opportunity for those seeking to shape the 
future for the better.

Big thinkers at Extro-5: "Shaping Things to Come" include inventor, 
entrepreneur, and writer Ray Kurzweil, leading information economist Hal 
Varian, science correspondent Ronald Bailey, leading information economy 
strategist Steve Flinn, cyberspace economist David Friedman, best-selling 
author Greg Bear, extropic philosopher Max More, evolutionary biologist 
Michael Rose, artist and cultural catalyst Natasha Vita-More, co-architect 
of the pre-Web Xanadu hypertext system Mark Miller, and other leading 
thinkers from computing, artificial intelligence, law, "hard" science 
fiction, Internet technologies, neuroscience, and business.

Don't miss out on this singular chance to listen to and network with those 
who are shaping the future. Stimulate your brain, expand your vision of the 
future, make contacts for your interests and businesses. Attendance is 
limited, so register now to secure your place.

For more information, visit the Extropy Institute conference Web site 
at  http://www.extropy.org/ex5/extro5.htm
email  or call conference Chair Max More at 310-823-3594


Max More, Ph.D.
President, Extropy Institute. http://www.extropy.org
Senior Content Architect, ManyWorlds Inc.: http://www.manyworlds.com
Chair, Extro-5: Shaping Things to Come, http://www.extropy.org/ex5/extro5.htm

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