X-Message-Number: 16273
Date: Sun, 13 May 2001 04:20:44 -0400 (EDT)
From: Ben Best <>
Subject: INC on PayPal

   Well, with Alan Mole and James Swayze trying to 
drag me kicking, screaming & whining into the 21st
Century, Kennita Watson has added the clincher by
sending $100 to my e-mail address. Naturally, this
money will belong to INC, once I can get it. 

   I have now attempted to go through the sign-up
process with PayPal -- both for myself and for 
The Institute For Neural Cryobiology (INC). I 
have had to cut a few corners. 

   I will not be able to receive money sent to 
 until I have received my 
VISA statement in June. (I think this VISA 
requirement is only because I am Canadian
-- not living in the USA.) Possibly this money can
be used on electron micrographs, but INC really
needs money earlier than June to pay for June.
It is possible that the project could 
be extended another month into July, however,
if the research warrants the extension and if
Yuri Pichugan and CI agree. But I do not 
recommend sending donations to 
through PayPal.

   I have also attempted to register INC as a 
business account with PayPal. Since the INC 
bank account and corporate address are both
in the United States that part was straight-
forward, but it also assumed that the contact
person was in the United States. I fudged 
by giving the INC corporate address along
with my Canadian phone numbers. But a bigger
fudge was the e-mail address for INC. Rather
than bother Paul Wakfer and trying to mess
with getting access to the INC e-mail 
address, I used  So
if you want to donate money to INC, you will
use that e-mail address and not the official
INC e-mail address, whatever that is. It 
looks like I will get confirmation of the INC
registration within a couple of days -- after
checking with the INC bank account -- and I 
should be able to do this without having 
signing authority with the bank.

    I will post again to CryoNet once I have
gotten confirmation. This seems like a lot 
of hassle to go through for a project coming
to an end so soon, but if there is any hope
that people are going to contribute more money
if PayPal is an option -- and if there is a
reasonable chance of extending the HSCP research
into July, it is worth the effort. 

   More later. 

           -- Ben Best, President
              The Institute For Neural Cryobiology (INC)

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