X-Message-Number: 16276
Date: Sun, 13 May 2001 16:52:24 -0400 (EDT)
From: Charles Platt <>
Subject: The Perils of CryoNet

O, the perils of speaking frankly on CryoNet! Last week I was contacted by
a TV producer who plans to create a 5-minute news item about cryonics, for
syndication to stations across the USA. She said she had already arranged
an interview with Dr. Jerry Lemler at Alcor but was looking for one more
person to express some general comments about cryonics. I agreed to be
interviewed, since I am more interested in promoting cryonics now that
Kryos exists.

Subsequently I heard from the TV producer that when she mentioned to Alcor
that I would be included on the show, Alcor immediately withdrew its
previous offer to participate. Either I am so odious, or the management of
Alcor is so paranoid, that Alcor cannot stand the idea of being included
in the same broadcast with me. When the puzzled TV producer asked what the
problem was, she was told to "read CryoNet."

Since I like the TV producer, and I understand her need to have pictures
of large impressive objects (such as dewars containing patients), I
immediately offered to withdraw so that Alcor could receive its media
exposure. The TV producer thanked me but said she felt she couldn't accept
my offer, because it would compromise her journalistic integrity. In
effect she would be allowing Alcor to dictate the terms of her show.

Note: This is a situation in which EVERYONE loses.

Alcor loses exposure. Since the show may not be produced without Alcor,
the TV producer loses the time she has invested in the project, and of
course cryonics loses an opportunity for publicity from a woman who
sounded generally interested and sympathetic.

The situation is especially ironic since I would like nothing more than to
see Alcor regain the members, the status, and the treatment facility that
it has lost in the UK. I certainly didn't do anything to drive those
members away.


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