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Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 08:02:03 EDT
Subject: green men

Here I suggest the old idea of UFO's suckers could have a cryonics interest.

When frozen, proteins misfold and get denatured. The repair job is taken by 
chaperones, powered by the energy currency inside cells: the Adenosine 
TriPhosphate (ATP). Douglas Skrecky has publised here an abstract sowing that 
 adding ATP to cells bring a better survival after freezing.

The next step would be to add more chaperones, for example from some Agathis 
trees. These seem to  have a large chaperone store specialized in  
mitochondria repair. Mitochondria are the energy producing power plant of the 
cell.The main problem is that the chaperone themselve are a protein complex 
and so may be denaturated by a low temperature.

A solution would be to anchor them on a stabilizing media such that a clay 
crystal. Clay could well become the universal support for biological nanotech 
devices: it sticks to membranes, stabilize proteins, and may be an primitive 
enzyme itself. On the other hand, it may be a good support for micro 
electronics elements. For example a fractal antenna on a crystal surface 
could receive energy and informations from a microwave beam.

Why not then power mitochondria with micro-waves ? The electric current 
flowing from the crystal would activate the electron transport chain in the 
mitochondria membranes, and the end result would be the synthesis of ATP. 
This would take place without sugar consumption (no food) and without oxygen 
(no ischemic problems). This is an interesting possibility for cryonics, but 
it could be extended to everyday life.

 If all our cells was endowed with micro-wave receptors on clay crystals, a 
radio transmitter would power our biological functions. We would need nor 
food nor oxygen.  We could live underwater or on compressed martian 
atmosphere without problem. 

Only water would have to be topped up from time to time. May be a residual 
classical mitochondria activity would remain, so we could take a breakfirst 
one time a week and one oxygen  lung load every hour... For such a low 
burning activity, we could as well produce in our skin our own carbohydrate, 
using grafted chloroplasts from green plants. We could then live from 
micro-wave, water, Sun ligth and some good breathing.

After all, a green man was not a so bad idea :-)

Here are some related thinkings:
What about green animals? We know our large brain is very energy costly, if 
there was a new energy source for biological systems, some could aford to pay 
the bill for a large brain.

What about plants growing from micro-wave energy? They could grow in the 
dark, in the cold, on other planets... They could pay too for a nervous 
system. What about thinking trees? :-)

Yvan Bozzonetti.

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