X-Message-Number: 16292
Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 22:11:52 EDT
Subject: Statues, etc.

Yes, Ken Wolfe was right: it was supposed to be statutes not statues. I've 
enjoyed Kennita's mirth and even enjoyed making the error; it is gratifying 
to know that somebody is actually reading this stuff. A lot of people I used 
to meet would often say "Oh you're Mike Darwin..." and then run on for a 
while after which they would conclude by saying "But I never read your posts 
because they are way too technical." I know this is supposed to be a 
compliment, but somehow it falls short :-).

So, thanks for catching the blooper. I am writing this to caution readers 
that I am a lousy grammarian and a worse speller. I'm not sure how I ended up 
with either defect since I won all kinds of awards in grade school in 
spelling, penmanship and grammar until around 7th grade. When I hit puberty 
my exemplary penmanship vanished followed by the other two skills. The 
testosterone probably killed off all those brain cells.

In the past I've had my text extensively proofread before posting or 
publication. That isn't possible now. (Hugh Hixon where are you when I need 
you?) Try as I might I tend to drop any small word such as "and," "is," and 
"an," and to drop these words with even greater frequency if they follow a 
word in which they are a component like "is" following the word "his" or 
"this." I apologize for these errors and I would correct them if I could see 
them; but I can't. Fortunately, I have a good sense humor about these 
deficiencies -- all I ask is that those of you who read my words do the same.

Anyway, Thanks For Reading!
Mike Darwin

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