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Subject: CRYONICS: Nevada cryonics
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28 March 90

  I've just started the Nevada Cryonics Association.  Anyone who is 
interested, particularly those in Arizona or southern California, 
please contact me at...
                    CompuServe: 71750,2413
                         GEnie: R.WHITAKER4
  ...or by phone at...
                     (702)735-0258 (days)
                     (702)434-1297 (nights)
                     1350 E. Flamingo Rd. #247
                     Las Vegas, NV  89119

  The monthly meetings will be held starting next week, location to be
announced by Friday, March 30.  This first one promises to be
well-attended by local people.  Las Vegas presently has three Alcor
Suspension Members, myself included.
  I plan for this to be a discussion and outreach group, and to soon
develop an emergency response capability.  

                                   Russell E. Whitaker

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