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Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 11:28:25 -0400 (EDT)
From: Charles Platt <>
Subject: UK situation

While not wanting to hammer this topic till it becomes as boring as, say,
the discussions of human vs. machine intelligence, or identity, I did find
the following material interesting. It's a copy of some email that was
sent and signed by about a dozen British people, to Alcor, a couple of
months ago. I think it sheds light on the situation. So far as I know, the
request in the letter was denied.

--Charles Platt


We the undersigned UK residents have experienced delays & difficulties
with Alcor Membership. Some of us have been waiting since 1999 for Alcor
to complete our paperwork.

We have all been encouraged to join Alcor. For example in a document
entitled "Towards Autonomy-a Proposal for Alcor UK- dated 16th. August
2000, Linda Chamberlain states:

   1. First Stage of Conversion-Split Program Years 2000-2002. In this
   period you should pursue greater membership as rapidly as possible.

Acting on this advice & in good faith many of us have spent thousands of
pounds taking out UK Life Insurance Policies, putting them in Trust,
paying Solicitors, Public Notaries & others.

In a letter dated February 12th. 2001 Linda says " I'm afraid we will have
to make the international membership requirements apply to the UK as
well (no longer being able to offer Scottish Amicable as an exception with
the UK)"

However some of us have taken out Life Insurance before applying for
Membership(as Alcor advises) If we cancel or even just re-assign these
Policies we would face considerable financial losses through no fault of
our own.

We therefore request that Alcor accepts all such Policies arranged before
the Feb.12th. announcement & allows us to proceed with our Membership.

Signed: [names withheld]

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