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Subject: Another video
Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 18:14:07 -0700

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A couple of months ago, I offered  three minute video tapes for sale.They were 
of ABC TV's visit to CI. Now, thanks to Paul Michaels for sending the tape, and 
George Smith for converting it to play on our American VCR's, I have another 
video for sale. This one is a twelve minute segment from a much longer BBC TV 
Special "The Right To Life." It aired in the UK a few months ago.

It's an excellent introduction for anyone new to cryonics.It ranges from  the 
religious aspect of cryonics, in conversations with Barry Albin and Paul and 
Maureen Michaels, to speaking with David Ettinger about the difference in 
grieving when you have a close relative in suspension,  to the practical, 
talking with Andy Zawacki about freezing temperatures, and relatives visiting CI
to see where their loved ones are kept.

Price $4.00 includes shipping  (U.S. only)

Write to:

John Bull
P.O. Box 372149
Satellite Beach, Fl 32937


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