X-Message-Number: 16313
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 12:04:19 EDT
Subject: God, E.T. and now time travel.

First we had God(s):
This is : Give your money, have faith and you'll go to heaven after life.
Given that after life a corpse decay  and most end products are in
the gaseous form, you indeed go to the cloud level for a lot of time.

Then came the technological angels, that is Extraterrestrials:
This is: Give your money, have faith in ET and the world will be
saved by super civilizations from outer space. The only problem
is that we have never found a trace of ET DNA in a bacterium so
that we can be nearly assurred that there has not been one ET 
contact with Earth in the past 3.8 billion years (the end of big
asteroids bombing era). Using Fourier transform tools, the
best estimate of a nearby ET civilization is some 100 millions Lys,
a lot beyond our Galaxy limit.

Now we have time travel:
Have faith, (and so on...):
It smashes against second thermodynamics principle in a closed
system an against the first in an open one, but no gullible will
do the computation, so we will be saved by time travelers...

In each case the basic idea is the same: Do nothing all will
be done by superior powers. In communism it was the state,
now it is time travel... Obey and the seep flock flow will take care.

In fact, nobody take care, nobody will save you or the world. 
Outside Earth and the word we see, there is only an infinite
Universe where we have no value. Here, down to Earth we
have many foes, no friends and only cynical riche people
only interested in burning money taken from slaves.


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