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Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 15:55:02 -0400
From: <>
Subject: Criminal Negligence (message 16311)

Somebody on the list has alleged criminal negligence on the part
of a service provider X.  If there's evidence of this i imagine
it should be forwarded to the district attorney ("DA") in the relevant

But what could the crime be?

Suppose you have a dying loved one and you don't just want
to follow the herd, but use the brain God gave you to do something
about it.  So you talk to X, and they say that for a certain
price P they will freeze your loved one.  No guarantees, but
the state of your loved one will be locked in place until
something can be done.  You agree, you pay, they freeze.

Has any crime been committed against you?

I think the only crime would be if service provider X didn't really
freeze your loved one.  And if that's the case the DA really should be
brought in.

So, i think the question is, why does any other party care?

What could possibly motivate strong feelings about a particular
service provider X?  Especially by any party not directly affected?

I think that as cryonicists dwelling in glass houses we should be
careful not to throw stones.  If any of us are successful it helps
all of us, even if only to motivate further research in how
to deal with difficult cases (e.g., Bedford's).  Likewise, growth
on the part of any organization helps draw in more interest
for all of the organizations, and every organization will get
some percentage of newly signed up cryonicists.

Best wishes for all, and i hope that many of us can live for centuries
without freezing, but as Thomas D likes to point out, there will
always be some need for freezing, and there will always be suboptimal
cases, and we should never give up on someone just because right
at this moment we don't know how to fix him.  I hope nobody is
contemplating thawing out Bedford---actually doing this would
be a real crime.


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