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> Subject: cryonics before the death
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> Hi, all
> For the euthanasia in Oregon:
> Is Oregon the best place for Cryonics in US?
> Ramzy
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I live next door to Oregon and can research this but I can tell you right now 
nothing in Oregon legislation is permanent. That particular law is under attack 
currently as is anything else the conservatives don't like. As an aside Oregon 
also has the worst record for funding education so just as an indication of 
general character/attitude if education is

not a priority how will anything else requiring a good understanding of science 
as opposed to say myth, fair any better? I'll not leave out the liberals either,
among which I count myself. Oregon has a high number of environmentalists and 
environmentally concerned thinkng runs high even amonmgst it's conservatives. 
This is good to a point and I too am an

environmentalist, however, it is so that too many environmentalists are also 
deathists believing that death is a natural art of the ecological cycle and also
too many environmentalists are also a little on the anti technology side. I on 
the other hand believe technology can save the environmenmt but this is not 
about me. Bottom line I think Oregon voters

would be resistent to legislation that favored cryonics as all its ramifications
would likely be misunderstood.

On another note, Oregon is on the same San Andreas fault line as California as 
is also Washington though neither are as popularly well known to be as is 
California. Washington just recently had occur a not too modest earthquake that 
anywhere else lacking progressive building codes would have been devastating. 
Oregon and Washington also contain a number

of active volcanoes. There is also a constant threat of forest fires. Lastly, 
the entire Northwest is a bit too close to the Super Volcano that *is* the 
Yellow Stone National Park. This Super Volcano, by the way, even threatens 
Arizona by way of the fact it threatens the entire United States if not the 
whole world and since they believe it has a 600,000

year cycle and has been 600,000 years since it's last blowup it then is overdue 
and all our plans may be moot.

In conclusion, no, I do not think Oregon is a good candidate for cryonics 
activities and certainly not for storage. The progressive attitude that makes 
Oregon conducive to an enlightened law concerning euthanasia, in my opinion, is 
more a comment on the general prevailing 'New age' like sentiments tied closely 
to environmentalism than it is a common
sense science based attitude toward alleviation of suffering while dying.

Time for a new quote, yes? But which?

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