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Subject: Re: Life insurance
Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 17:44:23 -0400

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I get 4% interest on the checking account because of the amount of money in it. 
Investments could cause a fatal delay because one could die (clinical) suddenly.
Pre pay will interfere with my options.  

"If the money is in a checking account it is presumably earning you no
interest. Therefore why not prepay CI? The answer seems to me to in the
level of trust that you place in the scenario that CI might suddenly get
sued and the money taken for legal expenses before it goes bust, versus the
scenario of your relatives not being in a position to pay the checks.

The alternative was presented in why not buy whole life insurance? There was
a hint that you could get it for $2,500 - whether this was a single payment,
per year or per month or whatever I am not sure. Getting life insurance
isn't nice for a "private person", but most people will do things that are
"not nice" if the financial reward is high enough.

Another alternative would be to have a CI trust which could hold the money
(or some of it) in stocks. $2,500 in stocks, bought at the current time of
market depression, could produce a very worthwhile sum in 7 years time.

Mention was also made that Alcor require its trusts to be in "boring" (ie
unproductive) investments.

I wonder whether this is really true - they would be more sensible to say
"If you want your money to work for you you have to be aware that markets
can go down as well as up. Therefore we require you to hold 130% (150% or
whatever) in a productive account where this could happen." This is indeed
perfectly sound - there is a difference between savings and investments -
savings are money that is always there (subject to tax and inflation, of
course - nothing is perfectly safe) and investments are money that is
working for you but the price is market volatility, down as well as up. If
you only have just enough money, then savings are more prudent than
investments. But unless you can earn vast sums of money effortlessly (eg by
being in a fee earning profession), some risk is necessary if you want to
amass enough funds to support cryopreservation, especially if you are
supporting several people and have chosen a more expensive option.

Sincerely, John de Rivaz
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