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Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 21:22:01 EDT
Subject: The real criminally negligent...

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  ... Are the billionaires who could perfect cryonics out of their pocket 
change, and take away the FDA's power with a relatively small propaganda 
campaign launched through "independent foundations" like the ones that gave 
the public its opinions on the Drug War, the environment, nuclear power, etc. 
  To my knowledge, no one who posts on Cryonet (including me) has any real 
existence as far as their ability to influence the course of world events... 
with the exception of Steve Jackson, of course. And his objective is just to 
control five Weird groups. So getting mad at the other middle-class losers 
who post here is pointless.
  This could change, of course... someday SOMEONE is going to make a lot of 
money offering telomere resets, etc. outside of the FDA's reach.


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