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Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 21:01:37 -0700
From: Olaf Henny <>
Subject: And Now There Are Three
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And now there are three in the Pout Squad.

Three highly intelligent, even brilliant, people.  I have learned
a lot from each one of them.

One, a scientist and professor, I learned to respect for the
enormous amount of his untiring legwork in trying to secure funds
or pledges for funds to finance the Prometheus research project.
When Cryonet did not play by his rules and tolerated some
postings, which did not directly relate to cryonics, he took his
marbles, went home and pouted.  However, he left Kitty as an
observer, just in case we would plead with him to come back,
since he is indispensable.  (I am sure she is still watching and
going to blast me again for attacking her sweetheart, who cannot
stand up for himself).  BTW: This IS  ad hominem .  My last
posting was *not*.

The second, a successful writer, who has done much to promote
cryonics, felt slighted, when, after his sublime declaration of
gross incompetence of one cryonics organisation, we did not fall
into a chorus chanting:  CI is evil . He declared, that it was
beneath him to associate with us any longer, went home and
pouted, only to suddenly ambush us with a tirade of condemnation
of Alcor s attitude toward their UK clients.  Why does a man with
his success and public recognition find it necessary to attempt
elevating himself by belittling and putting down others and try
to step on them?  It does not work.

He who throws dung ends up smelly.

And now there is Eugene often quoted by me in conversations with
German friends as a rational ikon, to demonstrate, that life
extension in all its forms, although still in its infancy, is for
real, not just a foolish quirk by American eccentrics [we all
have our prejudices. :)].  So what Does he do to me?   He tells
me (along with everybody else on Cryonet):  If you play with CI,
I won t play with you any more , goes home and pouts.  The last
time I was subjected to that kind of ultimatum, I was in grade 3
or 4.

You guys are highly intelligent and superbly educated.  You have
made enormous contributions to cryonics.  Contributions I could
not even dream to equal, but if you destroy as much as you build
up, your net value is zilch.

We all know, that we dearly need competent scientists to
contribute, but in a field as fragile and controversial as
cryonics still is, it is essential for those scientists to be
also competent in human interaction.  My plea to Paul, Charles
and Eugene is:  Please come back and contribute, as you have
before.  We need you!  But if your intention is to lurk in the
background for an opportunity for a dash and smash ambush, -
don t!  Stay away!  Forget, that Cryonet exists.  You will only
negate, what you have worked so hard to build up. 


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