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From: "TN" <>
Subject: CEU Cryonics in EU (Europe)
Date: Sat, 26 May 2001 19:52:52 +0200

"That is not how I view the  mind set  in Holland.
The tenor in their legislation's, be it in terms of sexual or
drug policies, has always seemed to me one of tolerance
toward the choice of the individual.  That is something
cryonics absolutely requires during its early pre-
mainstream phase."

Holland is good but under the sealevel, may be a problem they can handle
with the climatechange, IF their present and future walls hold all the time,
or they will drown. One reason of not moving there as I have considered.

Anyone bothered, as I did a bit, to look into Spain, where many here like to
go as elderly?
We have some Cryonicists there. Spain is open to foreign money and folks as
they live on a lot at present. I.e. the mayor of Marbella is open-minded of
anything as can attract wealthy visitors for a longer stay. Rich Arabs and
Russians like the place, one Arab has invested a lot, and contributed to a
new communal hospital where all EU-members get care with low Spanish rates

Climatechange may ice down northern Europe, or warm it up a bit.

EU is supposed to have an equal legislation. Anyone can try to make this an
EU-issue. Then all EU-nations have to show their cards.
I have looked a bit into legislation's and found so far France may be
hostile, or maybe not with the right undertaker. Germany also seemed to be a
nono. The rest looks almost the same with a pragmatic behavior, incl.

Thomas N

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