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From: "John Bull" <>
Subject: Jeez, what's a person to do??
Date: Sat, 26 May 2001 17:51:43 -0700

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I was blithely reading James Swaze post of yesterday- "A little off topic, but 
what is the beef with Seventh Day Adventists?  Although I never practiced it, I 
always admired the Adventists vegetarian lifestyle. I was shocked to read that 
they particularly avoid pork because of a scientific theory called 
biomagnification, something about the accumulation of toxins in the body and 
pigs only have one stomach. 

Knowing my wife had just bought a pork roast, I told her to throw it out, as 
well as that pound of bacon she had in the fridge, as pigs only had one stomach 
and I didn't want to eat any more pork. Dutiful woman that she is, she threw 
them in the garbage.

Five minutes later I came upon Thomas Nord's message, "Attention World, The 
secret to long life is in what you eat! There was a link to an article in the 
Okinawa Times.  Well, being interested in as long a life as possible, I  
immediatly clicked on  the link.  It seems Japan leads the world in longevity, 
and Okinawa leads the country in the number of living centenarians. What's the  
secret to Okinawans long life? It's pork! Okinawa leads the nation in pork 
consumption!  Well, I called to my wife that I still want to eat pork, and to 
get the roast out of the garbage.

Fortunately for me, when she threw it, it barely missed my head.

I think perhaps we should stop eating altogether, and rely on Faloon and Kent's 
pills.  Oops, she just threw a bottle of vitamins at me!

John Bull


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