X-Message-Number: 16352
From: "john grigg" <>
Subject: needing advice and assistance for my trip to San Jose
Date: Sat, 26 May 2001 21:55:28 

Hello everyone,

I will be definitely attending Extro-5.  :)  But, I have not been
outside of Alaska for over a decade(I am thirty-four) and have never
been to California.  I have just heard a lot of strange stories about the 
place! lol

I want to take full advantage of the time I am down there.  I just
am not sure how to get by in a place like San Jose with a minimum
of money.  On the other hand, for me to be in the continental United
States(I'm from Anchorage, Alaska) just for the Extro would be almost
criminal.  So, if any of you could offer me advice, a garage to
sleep in for a few days after the conference or anything else I would be 
very grateful.



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