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From: "ramzy ramzy" <>
Subject: Re: Oregon and cryonics
Date: Sun, 27 May 2001 06:52:53 -0000

Thanks, James Swayze for your answer on my question in my message (#16324: 
cryonics before the death [ramzy ramzy])through your message:
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Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 04:54:33 -0400
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: Re: Oregon for cryonics
I can summarize your objections for Oregon in three points:
1- Nothing in Oregon legislation is permanent.
2- Fear from people there as environmentalists.
3- Fear from the dangerous nature as active volcanoes   forest fires.
My comments:
For the first objection:
If the legislation continues, then it is good. If the legislation stops, 
there will be no problem because there is not alternative place allows 
euthanasia in USA.
For the second objection:
The euthanasia must be made through staff of cryonicists from other state 
(California, Michigan, or other state) through starting initial processes of 
cryonics in Oregon. The patient can wait the staff from any far place 
because he/she did not arrive to the clinical death.
For the third objection:
No problem if the final storage in other state in USA.
By other meaning: I must modify the question from:
Is Oregon the best place for Cryonics in US?
To the form:
Is Oregon the best place for Cryonicists in US? (Off course, it does not 
mean that all cryonicists will live in it).
The strange thing: you did not stop at problem of Oregon. You spoke about 
other fear from anger of the nature in other regions although I did not ask 
you about them as in the following points:
1- Oregon is on the same San Andreas fault line as California as is also 
2- Lastly, the entire Northwest is a bit too close to the Super Volcano that 
*is* the Yellow Stone National Park.
3- This Super Volcano, by the way, even threatens Arizona.
4- by way of the fact it threatens the entire United States.
5- if not the whole world.
You do not need to the fifth point although you used (if). (if) means that 
you not sure for destroying for rest of the world. The fourth point is 
Not at all, even if you will say that Dracula threatens every non-western 
emigrant to USA, I must believe you because you know more about your 
country, but I still want to emigrate to USA although everything because it 
is the real unique place for cryonics in the world. Also, you do not let USA 
for Super Volcano.
In the end, I must remind you that there is an Egyptian travelled to USA 
after the master degree (Ahmed Zewail) and live in it and won Noble prize in 
Chemistry in 1999. See in:
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