X-Message-Number: 16365
Date: Mon, 28 May 2001 00:25:50 +0000 ()
From: Louis Epstein <>
Subject: Bernard Strehler,etc

Dr. Stephen Coles has reported to the GRG mailing list
the death of LA-GRG co-founder Prof. Bernard Strehler,age
not given.

Popping his name into a search engine produces a number of
immortalist quotes...it's a shame he has been,as I think
of it,"cut from the permanent team" before we banish
mortality to the history books.

(Arthur C. Clarke was obviously overoptimistic when he
said if you live to the year 2000 you can name your own
lifespan.People from Nelle Hunt[born July 1887] to Kim
Walker[32-year-old actress] to Michael Cuccione[16-year-old
entertainer] have all died this year.But what's everyone's
best-guesstimate of the milestone dates ahead?)

"Death,thou shalt die!"--John Donne

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