X-Message-Number: 16373
Date: Mon, 28 May 2001 12:56:46 EDT
Subject: Who are the readers?

Who are the cryonet readers?

I put them in 3 groups:
1/ The contributors. The most active are well known and it seems, when we 
wrote a message that these are the only readers.

2/ What I would call the moles, there are two mole kinds:
A) The shallow moles: they are cryonet subscribers who, for one reason or 
another never write anything. Only the list manager know them (at least their 
e-mail address!).
B) The deep moles: They read messages on archives somewhere on Internet, some 
of them are robots sent here by indexing services or the NSA, CIA, DIA,...

3/ The time readers, they may be robots, unborn people or anything else. Some 
of them may be very interesting, because they may have to rule who would be 
brought back to life. I think we may count on two things: The world and the 
technology will be very different when cryonics state will become reversible 
and before any work in this way would be done, most data on the person would 
be searched and studied. One of the first place to search would be the 
Cryonet archives. So, anything you write here will stay for may be centuries 
and will tell to the distant future operators what is your knowledge, 
psychology, capacity to adapt and so on...

For some time I have spoken about a technological use of a finite dimensional 
version of Schrodingeer?s quantum mechanics. This is quite  on the science 
ground, but the potentialities are so large that it is the foundation of a 
new kind of technology. It looks as the old black magic, so I see no reason 
to take another name. May be it would looks more respectful to present day 
readers if I had labeled it: Black Computer Aided Technology :-) Indeed, what 
I have described is one kind of black cat, there may be other. It seems that 
idea was received with some cold, a distant reader some centuries from now 
could deduce some adaptability knowledge from that.

That open the problem of what you write **and** what you don?t! Beware the 
3rd reader.

Yvan Bozzonetti.

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