X-Message-Number: 16374
Date: Mon, 28 May 2001 12:56:51 EDT
Subject: Eternal life? no thanks!

Eternal life? no thanks!

The basic promise of most religions is : you get eternity as a reward. Be a 
dope, I accept that promise as a fact. Have faith in God and you get 
eternity, so much people said that that it must be true. So, what is 
eternity? There is a strange property of the Universe: It seems empty, with 
no mass or energy. Well you may think you are the proof of the contrary, but 
you are only locale and the same applies to everything you can see. The 
nothingness comes from a strange property of gravitation: Its potential 
energy is negative. The sum of the rest mass and the potential energy is 
precisely zero.

Why we see something here where must be nothing? The answer is that the 
negative potential energy expands to infinite and the speed of light (or 
gravitation) is finite. It takes then an infinite time to feel the effect of 
the full potential energy. In other words, if the universe is not void, it is 
because it has a finite age. To ask for eternity is another way to ask for 
nothingness. So, no thanks, I don?t want eternity :-)

Yvan Bozzonetti.

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