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Date: Mon, 28 May 2001 14:51:10 -0400
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: Re: Racism and cryonics
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> Subject: Racism
> Date: Sun, 27 May 2001 17:59:02 -0000
> Will the future be without any bad things really?
> Perhaps, some cryonicists are racists and they are ready to draw a bad
> picture for their country for the foreign because they hate any foreign and
> they do not want to watch hem in their lands. I think that these racists are
> few and perhaps rare in cryonics movement and the beautiful country USA
> which introduces cryonics service. What are your opinions?
> Ramzy

Ramzy, after reading the last cryonet issued post by you to my comments about 
Oregon and surrounding geography I can't help but get the impression this might 
be aimed at me. If so I don't understand why you would get the impression I was 
discouraging you from emigrating. Before I even read this I commented on your 
last post (late last night, it will come out next issue) about my responses 
regarding Oregon and in that welcomed you and invited you to visit me 

I personally hate racism. It's absolutely scientifically baseless. Perhaps it's 
the difference in our languages that leads you to misunderstanding my comments. 
I thought all I was doing was describing factually the political and sentimental
and geographical climate here in the United States Northwest region. Everything
I said is true. I described more than just Oregon because the surrounding areas
have influence and so one thought was built upon another.

My only thought was whether Oregon with or without it's euthanasia law was a 
good or not place to set up a cryonics facility. In so far as the law might be 
upset at any moment it wouldn't be economically prudent to spend money setting 
up a facility in hopes of utilizing the euthanasia law. Let me elaborate. In 
Oregon anyone can start a petition to challenge any law. The laws are not 
written in stone, not permanent, not protected from further attack by those 
unfriendly to any particular law. All one needs is a few thousand signatures on 
a petition and soon everyone must yet again vote on some or another issue.

Given the dangerous geography and the temperament of the people and the ever 
changing law, in my opinion, Oregon is not a good place to put a facility. 
However, it might, as long as the law remains, be a good place to voluntarily 
deanimate, for instance to stave off loss of identity from perhaps something 
incurable like mad cow disease, provided a cryonics team were on hand. But after
that I'd say store the patient in a safer region. Oregon is, however, a 
beautiful place to live and emigrate to. If you find yourself here one day give 
me a call and we can arrange to meet and visit. 1-360-666-0936

Some of our views are spacious
some are merely space--RUSH

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