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From: "Graham  Hipkiss" <>
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Subject: Re: CryoNet - #16377
Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 23:29:11 +0100

 Louis Epstein wrote:

> Different value systems treat different consistencies
> as more important than others.By my standards it is
> the preservation of life that is to be consistently
> preferred,more importantly than volition;by the
> standards Charles extols,it is the person's volition
> that is to be consistently preferred,even at the cost
> of the person's life.
> As far as I am concerned,a wish to die is insane by
> definition,and the person who has it needs to be
> protected from its consequences.Others don't have
> a right to wilfully end your life,and NEITHER DO YOU.
> Foolishness must be guarded against.

We must also guard against ARROGANCE, by States, Religions and people, who
believe they have the right to impose their own volition on others. I
believe all people should be cryonically preserved, but respect the wishes
of those who chose otherwise.

To insist that people should suffer pain, discomfort and humiliation to the
last possible moment, I find abhorrent. To insist that people have to be
tormented with the knowledge that they are imposing a physical and emotional
burden on their loved ones as long as possible, I find repugnant.

It is common sense that countries which value individual freedom are the
ones that will embrace both euthanasia and cryonic preservation. Countries
that are intolerant to euthanasia are more likely to be intolerant to

Graham Hipkiss

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