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Subject: from acorns
Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 09:36:20 +1000

A little while ago, there was some discussion about using the PayPal
payment service to fund the last month of some important research. Since no
one has picked up on the point, I thought I might make the suggestion.

Every once in a while a new initiative is put forward to try to get some
research project going, people pledge $1000, $2000, $5000 etc. Unfortunatly
considering the number of signed up cryonicists and those with a strong
intrest in cryonics, the amount of pledges tends to remain low. The reason
for his I suspect is that many people simply do not have this kind of money
available to give away at any given time. A system of smaller payments
automatically deducted from a persons account (direct debit) is an
alternative but some months people are short of cash and others they have a
surplus and stop/starting DD is a hassel.

As you have probably already guessed, I suggest a good system of raising
funds for research might be to have a PayPal account setup to recieve
donations. This account should be permanently active so people can donate
when it suits them. There should be a really low minimun contribution of
say $10 so that all can contribute (this does not limit anyone to this
amount, they can donate more). Although the amounts may be less, the money
comming in will be from a much broader base and over an extended time
frame. People will feel more involved knowing they have contributed at
least a little towards research and feel encouraged to continue making
further donations provided that they get good - extensve feedback about the

The ease of making payments, the lack of a big financial hit and a sense of
participation could change the funding of Cryonics research for the better.
Most charitys get their funds from small donations made by ordinary people
with a small amount of spare cash. Why should cryonics be any different?

I am intrested in receiving constructive feedback about this idea.

Chris Benatar

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