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From: "ramzy ramzy" <>
Subject: You said the entire United States 
Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 06:13:25 -0000

James Swayze, you said in message #16376 with the title (Re: Racism and 
(Ramzy, after reading the last cryonet issued post by you to my comments 
about Oregon and surrounding geography I can't help but get the impression 
this might be aimed at me. If so I don't understand why you would get the 
impression I was discouraging you from emigrating.)
Your message is not the principal reason.
I was exposed to direct racist messages from unknown from time to other, 
especially after every sending of some message to CryoNet and increased from 
short period ago without sending of messages. I did not write about these 
messages because they were not polite and far from CryoNet. In the last 
time, I thought that Oregon is the best place for me if I want to live in 
USA and asked members of CryoNet for their opinions about Oregon is the best 
place for cryonics. I was surprising when I read your comment. I remind you 
that what did you say exactly without summarizing: (This Super Volcano, by 
the way, even threatens Arizona by way of the fact it threatens the entire 
United States if not the whole world).
(Entire United States) does not equal the United States Northwest region, 
although you tried to deny in the two newest messages.
(If not the whole world) means that you are not sure for rest of the world.
Now, you like to change your opinions through the message #16370 (Welcome to 
America Ramzy):
(Well I tend to ramble but I did so only because I was reminded of a 
discussion a
while back about which was safer, in a city like Los Angeles or in the 
The discussion tended to revolve around the US southwest so where the super
volcano is concerned neither is safe.)
OK. You choose the US southwest now. I accept this modification if it ends 
the problem, but see to your message #16376 with the title (Re: Racism and 
cryonics) about profits of euthanasia in case of my life in Oregon:
(However, it might, as long as the law remains, be a good place to 
deanimate, for instance to stave off loss of identity from perhaps something
incurable like mad cow disease, provided a cryonics team were on hand. But 
that I'd say store the patient in a safer region. Oregon is, however, a 
beautiful place to live and emigrate to.)
Why do you chose a disease, which can attack both cows and humans?
It can attack you also.
You can say that your message was not the principal reason for my message 
about the fear from racism in the future. It was the last droplet, which 
leaded to flow of the liquid outside the cup.
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