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Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 14:31:40 EDT
Subject: CI UK Volunteer Standby Team

ANNOUNCEMENT--Cryonics Institute UK Volunteer Standby Team

Recently an association was formed called the European Cryonics Support Group 
(ECSG), which has a communication list <>. It 
consists primarily of British and other European members of the Cryonics 
Institute, plus individuals affiliated with other organizations or with none. 
Its officers are (and are required to be) members of CI. 

The general aim of the ECSG is to encourage exchange of information and 
mutual help among European cryonicists. A particular focus is to maintain a 
team of trained volunteers to stand by when members of CI appear to be near 
death in the UK and provide whatever help they can, and especially to reduce 
the delay between pronouncement of death and onset of cooling and medication. 
A number of people are already available and willing, including people who 
have had Paramedic training. (This does not imply that previous methods or 
recommendations will necessarily be retained.) Some equipment and supplies 
are on hand, as well as a building to serve as headquarters, owned by 
individual members.

Several things need to be understood about the relationship between CI and 
the UK Volunteer Standby Team. (1) The team is dedicated to serving CI 
members, and works in full consultation with CI (and with Albin's Funeral 
Home), and to the best of CI's knowledge offers an ethical and useful 
service. (2) It is not formally a part of CI, is not legally controlled by 
CI, its funds are not mingled with those of CI, and the CI contract (Cryonic 
Suspension Agreement) does not refer to it, and CI assumes no responsibility 
for its services or the quality of its services. (3) Prospective members of 
CI in the UK should understand that they are not required either to use or to 
perform volunteer services. (4) The Team is expected to form its own legal 
entity, but in any case will handle its own finances and charges. (A schedule 
of charges has yet to be determined.)

Many thanks to the people leading these efforts, including Alan and Sylvia 
Sinclair, David and May Flude, Chrissie de Rivaz (aka Chrissie Loveday), John 
de Rivaz, Mark Walker, Floss Morgan, Graham Hipkiss, and George Overmeire and 
others in the CI Netherlands Group (with apologies to any I may have missed).

Robert Ettinger
Cryonics Institute
Immortalist Society

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