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From: "ramzy ramzy" <>
Subject: Sorry for the nice person
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 14:47:14 -0000

Hi, James Swayze,
I read the next text in your message with great sadness:
(I don't know if you know this about me but I am a quadriplegic. This means 
I am paralyzed from the upper chest down. Even my hands are paralyzed 
although my arms can move enough to type. So what does this have to do with 
racism and prejudice? Everything! You see, I get prejudiced by people of my 
own race and indeed even my own family!! I'll wager I've been mistreated by 
it more than you or anyone and it's particularly abhorrent to be so from 
one's own race and family. I'm curious, how do people treat the disabled in 
your country? Are they shunned? Do crippled men get very many women? How 
about high paying jobs? Think about this the next time you feel like 
accusing me of racism. The last thing on my mind is putting onto others the 
same crap that is put onto me.)
I know that the racism is derived from the word (race). The sick persons are 
not other race. I consider that ignorance and looking down for them are very 
bad behaviors. If these bad behaviors are included in the racism, then I 
learned other dimension for the racism through you. Thanks. I think that the 
sufferers as you are not racists.
Very very very      Sorry for my talk about the racism in my previous 
messages. Now, I consider my reading for what is between your lines in your 
messages is not right (even subject of the caws) because you said that you 
did not mean another bad meaning as the racism and your reply is enough.
I will try to visit you, someday.
In Egypt, there are some societies for the careful for (Moaakin). In Arabic, 
this word means the sick persons with some ill requires special help from 
the healthy people (as paralyzed, blind and who cannot speak). The trips of 
these societies lead to the friendship and sometimes the marriage. The 
healthy people can donate to accompany the group for help and entertainment 
(not sexual entertainment). I do not talk about chances of the jobs for them 
because there are few jobs for the healthy people in Egypt.
In the end, did you hear about tries for the body transplantation? (I do not 
call it brain or head transplantation). Perhaps, it presents a solution for 
your problem in the future. Also, it can give us the hope for success of the 
Take the freedom in your comments. I will not say that you are racist again. 
Keep in touch.
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