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Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 13:56:01 EDT
Subject: Book Endorsement, "Genome" by Matt Ridley

Hello, Fellow Cryonet Readers/posters/lurkers.

Rudi Hoffman writing from Daytona Beach.  

I just finished a wonderful book by Matt Ridley.  "Genome: The Autobiography 
of a Species in 23 Chapters."

I love great Science books in general, and this one is especially relevant to 
us as life extenders and cryonicists.

Clearly and scientifically, much of who we *are* is a function of our genetic 
heritage.  What is so remarkable about DNA is that each an every cell has our 
full genome in it (More or less...sex cells may not), but each cell only has 
certain genes "turned on" to express as structure.

So, I could not do an adequate job of summarizing the book here, so I will 
not try. 

But it is a thrilling and inspiring book, explaining how each of us carry the 
genetic text of our ancient evolutionary ancestors.  (Humans and chimps share 
some 98% of DNA, Gorillas and human DNA is about a 97% match.)

If there was any doubt in any thinking persons mind about the reality of 
evolution, the realities of genetic analysis should surely convince all but 
the most hardened of religious brains.

I will heartily recommend this book to those interested in human nature, 
inheritance, popular "cutting edge" science and technology, and determining 
how folks like us can take charge of our own evolution.

Respectfully Submitted,

Rudi Hoffman

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