X-Message-Number: 166
From: Kevin Q. Brown
Subject: On-Line Articles Available 
Date: 23 Apr 1990

Keith Henson () has electronic versions of two
interesting articles that are too long to send to everyone on the mailing
list.  The first is a meme-oriented article on evolution and how it relates
to the public acceptance of cryonics.  It is titled "A Theoretical
Understanding", is authored by Keith Henson and Arel Lucas, and is about
20K bytes long.  (Comments appreciated from anyone who requests it.)
The other article is an on-line version of the Feb. 1990 Cryonics magazine
article "A Dream in His Pocket: The cryonic suspension of Eugene Donovan,
M.D." by Cyndi Donovan, with Jim Donovan.  This article is about 52K bytes
long.  Please send email to Keith Henson (not me) for copies.
                                       - Kevin Q. Brown

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