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Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 10:00:03 -0500
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Subject: cryonics advice to dying people by a professional? - Thanks
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Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 11:41:40 -0400
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Subject: Biblical advice for cryonicists ;-)

>My chosen profession does not afford me this option- I see actively dying
>people on an almost daily basis...

>...I have not yet encountered anyone who, when diagnosed as "terminal" for
>medical puposes (i.e. given a prognosis of 0-6 months of estimated
>remaining life), has related that he or she has heard of "people being
>frozen after they die" and inquired after information about that
>procedure.  If I did, I would definitely provide that person with contact
>information for all cryonics companies currently in operation.

I wonder if you as a professional (doctor, nurse) can actually advise a
dying patient about this option?
Though I am not in the field of medicine, I do watch "ER" :o) - what a
parallel :o) I see doctors and nurses bring priests into the room at their
request. Sometimes they ask if the patient would like a priest/rabbi?

What's wrong with advising a dying person (regardless of his/her religious
beliefs) about another option - cryonics? What's wrong with advising grief
stricken immediate family about it? Does this overstep any boundaries?
Rabbies do it. Pastors do it. Bees don't do it :o), why not cryonics option?

I envision a very simple dialogue. "It appears that there maybe another
option that is not widely considered in your imminent situation - cryonics,
freezing you at death with hopes of reviving and restoring you in the future
when the level of medicine and technology is available for that. Would this
be something that you and your family be interested to know more about?"

"YES,"  "NO," "Please, tell me more about this" - case closed. Simple and
professional. Isn't this what you'd expect from a practitioner - giving your
all the options available? Even if you don't like them?

Or is sweetening the pill the best way to go? (Just the other day I heard
that over 60% of doctors don't tell their patients what their chances are
what the prognosis for them holds - very sad, very sad.)

Just makes pure and logical sense? Is there any legal liability to the
practitioner, hospital or clinic for a suggestion like this? If there is,
I'd say the legal and medical system in America is screwed up :o) Ain't this
the land of freedoms, choices and opportunities? What if there is an
opportunity that you are not aware of - the one that will give you more
choices and freedoms? Pure and simple.

But of course, we all know that - you don't need a Russian immigrant telling
you that :o)


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