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From: "Trygve Bauge" <>
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Subject: Small mobile liquid nitrogen plants, 
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 12:56:41 +0200

I have found two companies that sell small mobile liquid nitrogen plants
that each run on electricity and produce about 40 liters of liquid nitrogen
a day, enough to maintain 2 bigfoot dewars.

The companies web pages are:

 http://cryomech.com/lnp.html     and


I have written both for prices.

These plants could be used where electricity is cheap and liquid nitrogen is
expensive like in Norway.

I still would like to hear from anyone as to where to buy bigfoot dewars or
its equivalent.


Trygve Bauge


pob. 59 Hovseter, N-0705, Oslo

Ps. I have also called the main Norwegian manufacturer of liquid Nitrogen to
get a map of the main sites where they produce and store liquid nitrogen at
or sell liquid nitrogen to. It might be cost effective to rent space next to
some heavy producer or consumer of liquid nitrogen.
And the latter gives a price comparison to the small portable units.

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