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From: "Trygve Bauge" <>

Subject: Cheap liquid nitrogen in Norway by 2005, from  Aker Maritime - Emission
free gas power
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 15:20:26 +0200

Last year I told the Cryonet about Aker Maritime's plans to build emission
free gas powered power plants, that would produce huge quantities of
inexpensive liquid nitrogen as a side effect. They will cool the air to
produce pure oxygen that is used to burn the North Sea gas without
pollution, as a side effect they will get a lot of liquid nitrogen and a lot
of cold CO2.

Anyway, last year the government that supported such power plants lost its
case in our parliament and was replaced. As of today the new labour
government suddenly turned around on the case, and has issued a plan to
build at least one such power plant by the year 2005.


Trygve Bauge

Ps. Aker Maritime is one of Norway's largest privately held companies. I
have kept in touch with Oscar Graff their main engineer on the above project
for several years now, and he seems open for the idea of supplying liquid
nitrogen to other ventures like cryonics.
In the mean time we are stuck with a price of about USD 1.2/per liter for
liquid Nitrogen from their competitor Norsk Hydro.

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Subject: INFO: Aker Maritime - Emission free gas power

> Ladies and gentlemen,
> Please find enclosed news regarding the HiOx Project. The article is
printed in the main newspaper in Norway; "Aftenposten", page 6.
> The article covers our plans for the next project phase, the Klimatek
funding, the ongoing definition phase and partners.
> This for your information!
> Best Regards,
> Oscar
> http://www.aftenposten.no/nyheter/iriks/d204790.htm
> http://www.dn.no/artikkel?ID=EPS_30956

Trygve adding:  The latest article is in today's issue of the Norwegian
newspaper dagbladet:



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