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Subject: How could they have all been so STUPID :o)
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George Smith wrote:
"Future generations will look back at our present day pro-death
and shake their heads in disbelief.

How could they have all been so STUPID?" will probably be the final
pronouncement of judgement by the future on our age, this the last
generation of mortals."

I think future generations will not understand why the vast majority of
humanity with access to Cryonics  dismissed it and instead did other things
that ensured their nonexistence i.e. had themselves euthanized to avoid
pain and prayed to get to paradise.

Deep within ourselves we all think that we are the smartest, the baddest,
and the bestest of all - our neighbors, co-workers, competitors, etc. This
is human nature and that's why the "grass is always greener" on our side,
not on the neighbor's yard :o)
This is likely to continue in the future, no matter how distant it will be.
I do envision, though, the future as a form or a huge community that will
care to each other down the road, where the concept of "stupid past
generation" probably will not exist.

"Stupid neighbor" probably will still be there :o) - especially, if it's the
guy who's parking his car leaking oil in front of my home, uses bad language
rebuffing my requests to move his car because it's a public street, cites
his legal rights as a resident of our town to park *amn right where he wants
it and that he'll sue my *ss for harassing him about his car, I need to get
this into my "stupid head" that this is the way it is and will be for the
ions to come :o) And I thought I've seen it all! Cross my heart, happening
to me now! I am sure there will be someone like this in the future - parking
his/her space ship "9000 Odyssey" next to your space hub, his titanium alloy
body disintegrating, O2 fuel and oil leaking, and would not care too much
about the way the launch pad looks :o) That would be "stupid" :o) - that
nightmare all over again :o)

But there is always an option of buying a couple of cubic light years of
space in the future - call me then, I'll sell you some Universal real estate
:o) For now, I have to be content with moving and building a new home and
taking care of more important things to me :o)

Shall I call this future "stupid old generation" thinking somewhat
"disadvantaged" to be politically correct :o). The future generations will
just think about us as those who had no access to the information and
knowledge base they will, thus no logical and reasonable resolutions of our
problems had been made during our time. That would be their thinking I'd
say. I don't think about ancient Maya or Germanic Tribes to be barbaric in
any way - I just observe the facts and get fascinated by the PBS specials on
history and culture of different nations and peoples, medical,
technological, scientific developments in the past, present and upcoming

Human sacrifice? Fine by me, since I'd be the one cheering this on in the
older times or could have been one sacrificed myself and probably would not
question it too much :o) I just did not know any better!

I don't doubt that feelings of the future people will still be there - and
cryonics maybe thought to be nothing more than we consider a visit to a
doctor now :o) Just a different extension of the current state of things in
the future. I think I like it. However, without "stupid" mistakes and
experiments we would not be where we are right now as a civilization. I hope
and know that people in the future will have enough respect for us and our
strides to gain more knowledge. Otherwise, the same will be thought of them
and this will be sad - not my ideal of the future :o(

I still would like to be there, whenever it is, and check out where my "oil
leaking" next-door neighbor will be put to rest. Do you think that in about
5,000 years from now I'll be able to find his grave :o)

Or maybe I should instruct the cryonics organization to reprogram me by
playing Barney's "I love you, you love me, we are happy family" to me while
I am in suspension? I am sure there will be another way to do something like
this to me :o) not to think "stupid" of other people regardless of *when*
rather *where* they are.

P.S. The above is just one possible future, Mr. [Name Withheld - my
next-door neighbor] Please, please, please, don't call me "stupid* again,
don't sue my *ss for asking you to move your vehicle leaking oil in front of
my home - remember that you have a very limited time on this Earth and
surely no chances of survival in the future, while my chances are a bit
better :o)

Gosh, I like my chances!


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