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Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 00:18:54 -0000

Thanks to all for the open minded support regarding homosexuality.  I am 
homosexual and have been interested in cyonics for many years and plan to 
pursue it.  The subject of this message may be crass.  But, I believe that 
clarification is necessary.

Heterosexuality is in no way superior to homosexuality.  Look what 
heterosexuals have done to this planet for the time they have dominated it.  
The doubling time of the world's population used to be 400 years.  Thanks 
mostly to HETEROSEXUALS it is now 40 years.  What are we going to do folks?  
Someone starves to death every 4 seconds on this planet?  Most homosexuals 
are not contributing to the population problem.

Homosexuals I believe are an entirely new species in the process of 
evolution.  Homosexuality serves a clear purpose.  Over millenia homosexuals 
will probably develop reproductive capacity-------perhaps more virile than 
heterosexuals.  Think of the possibilites of hermaphroditism.  That is to 
say, men could develop reproductive capacity on the gestation side of the 
equation.  It has already been theoretically proven that a male could carry 
a child in the large intestine while keeping the male(penile) reproductive 
capacity as well.  If this were to happen, homosexuals could reproduce at a 
rate twice as fast as heterosexuals.  If they are moving in this direction 
and homosexuality is indeed a current evolutionary technique, then logic 
would follow that HETEROSEXUALITY is representative of an older evoloution.  
That is to say HOMOSEXUALS could be more evoleved and "more modern" than 

Many species such as earthworms carry repoductive capacity of both genders, 
as do most plants.  Hermaphroditism is actually more common in some species 
than heterosexual reproduction.

Homosexual females could develop an extended clitoris and reproduce in both 
capacities as well.  For proff of this theory look at Klinfelter's Syndrome, 
hermaphroditism, transsexaulity, et al.  The human genome is pursuing new 
possibilities.  The only constant in life is change.

Anyone critical of homosexuality is not looking at the big picture.  They 
are using social Darwininsm to exclude others as there self.  In a diverse 
future those ideas will be ancient.  The races are merging, the world is 
coming togehter.  Whites can't hate black, heteros can't hate homos, young 
can hate old.  We are genetically programmed to dislike what we are not.  
Hatred and separation are the province of neanderthals and not cryonists.

The human evoloution must have the constant of change to survive.  Look what 
happened to the royals in England when they tried to keep their blood lines 
pure.  The result was Hemophilia.  Homosexuality is strenghting and 
elongating the gene pool.

If someone is afraid of diversity instead of guiding them to their local 
cryonics organization, I would steer them to their local church.  Most 
homosexuals have heterosexual parents.  I didn't create myself.  You did it 
to yourself.  My parents are heterosexual and they cannot hate what they 
created no matter how many times they go to church.  After all Adam and Eve 
were HETEROSEXUAL.  Yes and look what we have now in our perfect, peaceful, 
disease free, pollution free world.  The next time I hear someone say God 
created Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve, I will hold a mirror in front 
of their face and say, yeah and look what it did to the world!
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