X-Message-Number: 16628
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 06:00:15 -0500 (CDT)
From:  (Will Dye)
Subject: Please move off-topic discussions elsewhere

I hate to be cranky about this, but until better filtering 
mechanisms are in place, the quality of an unmoderated list 
like CryoNet depends almost entirely on the self-discipline 
and courtesy of each participant.  I implore the members to 
please, please raise the standard much higher for posting 
discussions that are only tangentially related to cryonics.  

I could walk into pretty much any bar in the country and 
easily start a discussion about sex.  I could walk onto 
pretty much any college campus in the country and be brought 
into a similar discussion -- wether I wanted to hear it or 
not.  The Internet has plenty of forums available for such 
matters.  There's really no need to clog up CryoNet.

Please, take off-topic discussions off the list.  You can 
still have the conversation; I'm not stopping that.  I'm 
just asking you to have the discussion elsewhere, so that 
the rest of us are not forced to filter through your 
conversation when searching for information about cryonics.

--Somewhat-grumpy-but-still-he-has-a-point willdye

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