X-Message-Number: 16629
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 07:12:54 -0400 (EDT)
From: Charles Platt <>
Subject: On being taken seriously

To Trygve Bauge, re Elizabeth Kostadinova and her determined desire to
exhume a person who has been conventionally buried, so that he can be

Trygve, since you are posting so much, perhaps you should include a
description of your own experience in do-it-yourself cryonics. Am I
correct in recollecting that when your local community learned of your
activities, there was an uproar which led to your relocation from the
United States back to Norway? Wouldn't it be appropriate to tell Elizabeth
Kostadinova about this, before you continue to encourage her to follow a
similar path?

And would it also be appropriate to consider that the credibility of
cryonics is not enhanced by do-it-yourself procedures, with the attendant
risk of bad publicity--especially when the "patient" has been dead and
buried for weeks? What possible justification is there for encouraging
anyone to do this, if you want cryonics to be taken seriously?


Re Louis Epstein:

Anyone familiar with the online culture will recognize the syndrome of
compulsive posting (including excessive quotations), persistently and
truculently expressing lunatic-fringe ideas. The existence of such
net.kooks has undermined the credibility of the Net, just as backyard
freezings, Bauge-style, have undermined the credibility of cryonics.

However, if people such as Mr. Epstein are ignored, they do move on and
troll elsewhere.

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