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Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 09:38:03 +0000 ()
From: Louis Epstein <>
Subject: Re: 40, single, childless, healthy, and not signed up 16614

On Fri, 22 Jun 2001  wrote:

> Hi Louis,
> You have written a great deal on cryonet, but i think this statement
> of yours from message 16614 is, because of the context it provides,
> the most interesting and most important:
> > I am 40 and childless and single.
> As i understand it, you are also healthy (i.e., insurable) and but not
> signed up.
> Why not?  Can't be because of money, family, or insurability.

What makes you think I have money?
I am nailed to a struggling one-man business that has
sucked up almost every cent I have.
> Rudi Hoffman is a very nice guy and would be happy to write you
> a policy.
> I hope that you do get signed up, as your life is precious, but
> it would help all of us who are signed up if we could understand
> why you are not.

As I've indicated...it doesn't seem clear to me that cryonics
offers the most immortalist bang-per-buck.

> dan

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