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Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 11:11:02 -0400
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: You all may find this interesting--Anyone of you likewise contacted?

I received an email from Russia the other day. I was puzzled why it was sent
to me until I pondered it a while. Below is the thread that should explain
it all. I wonder if anyone else has been likewise contacted. It apparently
stemmed from my critique of the article about Aussies being keen to embrace
immortality that was posted here by someone else before me. For the record I
was critcial of the deathist slant of the article's author not the cryonet
associate that posted it.

Here between the underscore lines to separate it from my above and after
text is my dialogue with the apparently Russian doctor or biologist Vasiliy


Vasiliy Firsov previously wrote:

> I have a request for you. Could you help me to find the address of Frank
> Hanford
> Miller.
> I can help him to solve a very hard problem, our Institute can help this
> person
> to have a child.
> Sincerely Yours,
> Vasilyi Firsov (Director of cloning)
> .ru/

To which I replied:

> Vasilyi,

> Kak dila? Y mena zavood James Swayze. I don't know a mister Frank Hanford 
Miller but

> I am curious why you would ask me to help find him. How are you and I 
connected? Do

> I know you by another name from one of my internet associations with the 

> field? Since I don't personally know Mr. Miller, or at least don't think I do,
> else may I be of service?
> Paka,

Vasiliy Firsov next wrote:

> Frank Hansford Miller lives in Australia. Can you help to find him,
> please? Or someone else, who will intresting wiht cloning human. I  am
> seeking invistishions for cloning and another progectes also.


I finally figured out who Frank Hansford-Miller is and why you thought I
might be of help finding him. I think you may have read my cryonet posting
regarding the internet article "Aussies Seem Keen to Embrace Immortality",
cryonet Message #15965. I was not the first to post the article. I only
commented on it.

Here is one excerpt I could find through internet search about another
article about Mr. Miller. I cold not find the one I commented about.

>SYDNEY (Reuters) - What do you do if you're over 80,
>infertile, but want to be a dad?
>Widower Frank Hansford-Miller, of Perth in Western
>Australia, has decided he's now mature enough at 84 to
>take on the responsibilities of parenthood. And he
>wants to be cloned.
>"What I'm looking forward to is not just having a son,
>but also grandchildren," he told Reuters on Tuesday.
>Hansford-Miller, a British immigrant, has approached
>the Australian government to find out more about human
>cloning and says he believes he has the right to
>benefit from the technology available today.
>He laughed at suggestions he was far too old to start
>a family, saying he still went jogging daily, and
>planned to live at least another 36 years.
>The moral debate surrounding human cloning does not
>phase him. And besides, he figures he will be doing
>the world a favor.
>"He'll be a bright little boy, my genes are pretty
>good," the retired tutor of statistics recently told
>the West Australian newspaper.

I don't know how to contact Mr. Miller but I will post to cryonet your
offer. You may wish to join the discussion there. They are friendly towards
cloning. Go to http://www.cryonet.org and sign up to recieve the daily

Sorry I cannot do more. If you do join the discussion on cryonet it will
help if you can be more specific about how you intend to perfom the cloning
as in where, most countries oppose it so far, and how much you will charge
and so forth. Include a little about your credentials to assure people you
are qualified, after all it's a rather new prodecure for humans at least and
frought with difficulties and dangers. Incomplete DNA sequences taken from
the donor could be disastrous for the clone. This is only one of many
problems surrounding human cloning and I know the people on cryonet can come
up with more.

I have informed some associates of your request but cannot guarantee they
will respond. I will also post your request to cryonet so if you join the
discussions there be prepared for scrutiny.


I also sent this exact above text BCC: to three of our fellow cryonet
members because they reside in Australia but I won't mention who should they
wish not to be involved. Apparently Mr. Vasiliy Firsov found my cryonet post
perhaps through an internet search or he lurks here on cryonet and felt I
might be able to contact Mr. Miller or others wishing to be cloned. I sent
this to the three mentioned above in case they wished to contact Mr. Miller
but I wish not to impose any obligation. I myself, as you can note from the
above text, am skeptical and so am bringing it to this forum openly.

From the point of ignition
To the final drive
The point of the journey
is not to arrive --RUSH

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