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Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 12:00:51 -0700
From: Jessica Lemler <>
Subject: Patrick Roi

     My mother has taught me a tremendous amount about life.  She s trained
me to be a fair, kind, and honest person.  She also encouraged me not to
believe everything I read at face value.  As a mathematician and former
teacher of mathematics herself, she instilled in me from a young age the
value of a statistic, and the importance of seeking the source of material
any given statistic is.  For her simple wisdoms, so like those of my
grandfather, I thank her.
     I also thank those of you who have flattered my request for numbers
and statistics.  I find my email box delightfully full of facts and
figures, observations and studies.  I especially thank Mr. Darwin, who has
risen to the challenge presented, by more than amply supplying me with the
data I requested.  I only wish I could find the time to delve into it all.
What an unusual twist, and how far off the subject of cryonics these
discussions seem to have drifted!  Perhaps a bit of re-focusing is in order? 
     In the meanwhile, I continue to pontificate the idea of sexuality and
resuscitation, as I am acquainted with a certain decidedly heterosexual
female who is determined to reanimate as a NHL goalie.  I wonder, if and
when I am revived, should I come back as a gay male?
 ~Jessica Lemler, Alcor Web Mistress (not Master)

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