X-Message-Number: 16637
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 20:56:55 -0400
From: <>
Subject: guiding someone to their local cryonics org (16624)

Hi Knowing Wisdom,

This is in response to your message 16624, in which you wrote:

> If someone is afraid of diversity instead of guiding them to their local 
> cryonics organization, I would steer them to their local church.

Now i think you're making a joke here, so please forgive me for
pedantically explaining why i suggest people [even those who i may
think have serious gaps in their moral, logical, and scientific
judgment] get signed up at a cryonics org.  (And of course i think
it's great if they can make a suitable contribution to a local
congregation, but that's a separate point.)

There are two reasons for doing this:

(1) I (we) may just succeed.  Human life is truly precious, even if
    it's the life of someone who has blind spots.  His life is still a
    treasure, and shouldn't just be thrown away.  He will (we hope)
    have thousands of years to learn.

(2) If we don't succeed, we may find out why not, and this knowledge
    may help us help others.  Life is a treasure.


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