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Subject: Cryonics an expensive way of slowing the rotting of corpses.
Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2001 14:20:09 +0200

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To Elizabeth,

No one is able to restore your father to life today.
He is dead.
His cells are all dead.
To my knowledge, no one is today able to clone the DNA from dead cells.

What cryonics offer is basically to keep the dead in cold storage for as long as
the relatives pay for the storage.

Cryonics only difference  from regular burial, is that the body is stored at 
such a low temperature that there is virtually no further biological 

The body is still dead, very much so. 
And there will be ice crystals, and possible cracks.
Thus the freezing will add damage.
But once frozen, further damage will be stopped while the body remains frozen.

No repair can be done today,
and anyone promissing you otherwise is promissing more than they can deliver. 

Liquid nitrogen storage is basically a way of postponing the rotting of the 

Dry ice storage is only slowing the rotting but not fully stopping it.

Please be informed that freezing your father, for all practical purposes might 
just be an extremely expensive 
burial form.

No one can guarantee that it will be possible or legal to clone dead cells in 
the future.

And no one can guarantee that it will be possible to repair dead tissues in any 

Let me call upon you to sit back, and take a rational look at what you really 
want to do.
It is so easy to be carried away by emotions, when one just has lost someone.

Cryonics is basically something for those of us who really love to be alive and 
have our own life-extension as our highest goal.

There are a few thousand of us at least, that are willing to go to great length 
to preserve our bodies after death.

Not because anything can be done today to restore frozen corpses, but because we
are willing to gamble on what the future might bring. 

And because being cremated or being left to rot in a grave seems to be an even 
worse proposition, with an even bleaker future and even smaller chance of 

With cryonics we are speaking about a scientific challenge, some physical task 
that one can try to improve, and a physical object to work on (the corpse). The 
alternative is to surrender to religion or despair or both.

Of course one could also look at life as being an opportunity to make the most 
of the brief period between cradle and grave, on average 75-80 years.

Some of us however, want desperately to use those 75 to 80 years to earn an even
longer life.

And feel restless and not at easy with ourselves if we for extended time just 
try to fill those 75 years with anything else than the pursuit of an even longer

It is like in Odyssevs, we might temporarily be lulled into rest of mind by some
beautiful girl at some island, but our main quest is something else.

In order to assist you,  I had to break up with my girl friend that I have had 
for the last 5 years. She was vehemently opposed to me actively attempting to 
freeze more dead corpses. 


Trygve Bauge.

The best way to fund cryonics is to set it up so that continued storage is paid 
for upfront. So that the relatives don't have to keep making annual payments for

E.g. if you were to buy a 4 person dewar, you could possibly sell or rent out 
the 3 other places in the same dewar and thereby get an income that would pay 
for the upkeep of the dewar. e.g. pay for the annual liquid nitrogen cost, and 
room rental. etc.

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  Subject: TRYGVE 

  did you find a place of storage for my dasd,

  as it better for you to have alllnessarseeery equiptment then me buyinh it 

  as well as the terchonoly to repair then l would know about pleaswe let know 
  if of some sucess of storage facilty in norway, or a cryonics insittute ready 
  to take the body for reseach purchoses but this donts sound really goog ,
  i prefer to get him in a facilty that will repaair him,.


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