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From: "George Smith" <>
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Subject: Re: CryoNet #16627 - #16640
Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2001 11:03:32 -0700

In Message #16629, Charles Platt wrote in part:

> And would it also be appropriate to consider that the credibility of
> cryonics is not enhanced by do-it-yourself procedures, with the attendant
> risk of bad publicity--especially when the "patient" has been dead and
> buried for weeks? What possible justification is there for encouraging
> anyone to do this, if you want cryonics to be taken seriously?

Charles, why don't you explain here for the benefit of everyone why you
believe this effort is "bad publicity" for cryonics as a whole?  I think it
would be helpful for you spell out your specific reasons for why you
disagree with this effort as well as the assumptions you are making about
the likelihood of success or failure of such an effort.

As far as whether or not this human being who has been buried could someday
be restored I would like to remind everyone that we cannot know now what may
someday prove to be possible.  I can agree with all who would GUESS that
this would be very unlikely to work in the near imaginable future but I also
have the humility born of a study of history to admit that NO ONE KNOWS.
Most guesses in regard to the future of technology by "experts" have proven
to be abysmally wrong in the course of history.  The future tends to be
filled with surprises.

I cannot help but feel that ANYONE who tries to do most anything better than
burial or cremation is a substantial cut above the milling mindless masses
who trudge steadily to their deaths.  Such people are worthy of what they
strive for - survival.

I also feel that these issues are very on topic and appropriate for this

Charles, perhaps you would simply state what the particual history is that
you imply is so negative in regard this issue and state your case.  In
regard to public relations for cryonics as an organized movement I might
very well end up agreeing with you.  Probably will.  But please help me
understand WHOSE "credibility" you are discussing.  Is this with all the
scientists who currently reject cryonics for themselves or others?  Is if
the general public?  I think you have something important to say here but
I'm not yet quite sure what it is.

At the same time I have a very hard time not feeling supportive for someone
trying to beat the Grim Reaper and wish them success.

George Smith
CI member

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