X-Message-Number: 16655
Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2001 16:02:17 EDT
Subject: Re: CryoNet #16627 - #16640

Mr. Epstein writes:

>I think you weren't reading carefully.
>I object to certain INTEPRETATIONS of
>what "equal treatment under the law"
>MEANS.I am all for everyone having an
>equal right to marry someone of the
>opposite sex,and an equal,fixed at zero,
>right to marry someone of the same sex.
>Some people think that's not "equal
>treatment under the law"...I say it is.

I accept your point of view.  I just don't agree with it- or understand it 
of what I believe to be prejudiced viewpoint.  Your idea of a fair law 
minorities- and you are still trying to legislate and control the lives and 
behavior of others. 
To me, 100% will never equal 0%.

Well, I think I've made my ideas clear, and so I won't be posting further gay 
discussion on cryonet- to avoid the soon to start circular arguments.    

On a more centrist topic, I'll be signing up for cryonics by Sept of this 
year, I think- I'm accomplishing some refinance and debt restructuring in 
August.  Financially I'm interested in accomplishing this as cheaply as 
possible.  Cost is of extreme importance on my budgets.  That seems to 
indicate Cryonics Institute, but I'm in Los Angeles.  Any thoughts on the 
cost/benefit ratio of Alcor/CI or other providers is most welcome, either on 
cryonet or emailing me directly at  Very small monthly costs 
are preferable to large one time payments, as well. I'm looking at term life, 
for about 15-20 years, as by that time, I'll have more than enough estate 
equity to cover suspension costs.  

Best to all,
Mike Donahue

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