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From: "veronica sullivan" <>
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Subject: The Elizabeth Kostadinova Saga
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2001 22:01:26 +1000

In message 16629 Charles Platt wrote;

> And would it also be appropriate to consider that the credibility of
> cryonics is not enhanced by do-it-yourself procedures, with the attendant
> risk of bad publicity--especially when the "patient" has been dead and
> buried for weeks? What possible justification is there for encouraging
> anyone to do this, if you want cryonics to be taken seriously?

This assumption is absolutely correct!  Attempting to set up a shonky '
back-yard do it yourself, keep your badly decomposed dad in the dewar in the
shed or offshore' and encouraging someone to do this is not on.

To pursue this in Australia, Norway or any other country would cause
irreparable damage to the cryonics community of the country concerned. Given
the current global climate in relation to cryonic suspensions.

I have already indicated to Elizabeth that current Australian legislation
forbids the private storage of a deceased person in your own home, excluding
cremation of course.

Elizabeth, what is your first language? As there are some of us on this list
who are bi and multi-lingual - who may be able to answer your queries in
your own language. Then you will hopefully gain a clearer understanding of
the issues related to cryonics. I am sorry for the loss of your father who
you obviously loved dearly, as evidenced by your frequent postings. However
your situation remains very grim in attempting to get your father
cryonically suspended.

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