X-Message-Number: 16658
From: "john grigg" <>
Subject: recent thoughts regarding Epstein...
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2001 00:07:19 

Louis "the wise" Epstein wrote:
Congratulations on meeting your
idols...now,if they could just advance
their evolved state until they agreed
with me on everything...:)

It's good to have people you can look up to.  Now, do you mean evolution or 
some form of degeneration? ;)

I notice you read the Deseret News which of course is from Utah.  Are you a 
fellow Mormon?  Or simply someone raised around the church who is very aware 
of it's history and doctrines?

If the church teachings are correct then you can look forward to an earth 
ruled by Jesus Christ where gays have been changed or are in some form of 
benevolent treatment to alter their orientation.  If not, then you may not 
want to sign up for cryonics because you may wake up into a "Planet of the 
Gays" scenario! lol


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