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Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2001 07:10:58 -0800
From: "Billy H. Seidel" <>
Subject: Dug up

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You should call Fred Chamberlain and ask him to store your DNA with his new 
company, Cells 4 Life.  480-367-2982

You ask a complex question but here is my simple answer.  If my cells are 
stored with Cells 4 Life now, there would be a good sample and a good 
cloning could be done.  If I held off until I was underground perhaps the 
DNA sample would not be a good one.  My personal feeling is that I do not 
want to waste the resources to clone my body if I do not remember who I am. 
It is not the body but the memories that are important to me.  At the end 
of the restoration cycle I want to know it was me standing there.  I want 
my original thoughts and not implanted ones.

If someone dug up my father and cloned him, he would be just another person 
in the world and not someone I know.  My Dad would have really liked the 
idea of cryonics.  Would a clone of my Dad like cryonics???

So the answer is, don't dig me up unless my memory can be saved.  Right now 
I am absolutely positive that ALCOR can save my memory better than any 
other cryonics organization out there.  Forget about the politics and the 
bickering that goes on over Cryonet.  I want the best possible chance to 
have my memories restored to a new body and that is why I am signed up with 

Billy H. Seidel


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