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Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2001 14:57:51 -0400
From: <>
Subject: Re: CryoNet #16641 - #16660
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Hi Louis,

To recap our exchange, which you quoted in full in 16656:

(LE) As I've indicated...it doesn't seem clear to me that cryonics offers
(LE) the most immortalist bang-per-buck.
(dh) Cryonics is a lot cheaper than you think---i'll bet Rudi
(dh) Hoffman could write you a policy for $1000/year, and CI membership
(dh) is only a one-time $1250 (they even have a low yearly-rate
(dh) membership, i think).

(LE) That is not their suspension fee...  the $28,000 needs to come
(LE) from somewhere.  What good does one get from being a non-paid member?

The suspension fee comes from the proceeds of the insurance that Rudi
Hoffman () could write for about $1000 per year.

If that's not clear, please let me know and i'll explain again.  (This
is not sarcasm.)

And i think there's a lesson here for both you and me.

For me, the lesson is that sometimes i think something is very clear,
but maybe it's not.  I thought the details of the financing were very
clear from my first writing, but maybe not.

Likewise i thought that what the Mikes and Kennita and others wrote
recently was powerful, moving, and above all, clear, but maybe not.
Unfortunately, i can't put their arguments any better, or i would.

For you, i think there's also a lesson.

(And there's probably yet another lesson for Mike of Kyros about
dealing with potential clients, but i have a feeling he's already gone
through that one a few times.)


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